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Q. How many mL of a stock 6.0 M HCl solution are required to prepare 50.0 mL of a 0.10 M HCl solution? Group of answer choices a)0.833 mL b)0.527 mL c)1.2 mL d)1.6 mL

Solved • Dec 10, 2019


Q. Using the information provided on the diagram below, show the calculations required to determine the concentration of the second serial dilution prepared. The volumes on top are the volumes of the aliquots while the volumes on the bottom are the total volumes of the diluted solution. How do I solve this serial dilution problem?

Solved • Nov 19, 2019


Q. What was the concentration of a hydrobromic acid stock solution (M) if 0.45 L was diluted with water to make a solution with a concentration of 3.1 M and a volume of 0.95 L?

Solved • Nov 18, 2019


Q. A 15.9-mL sample of an HCl solution has a pH of 2.039. What volume of water must be added to change the pH to 4.078?

Solved • Nov 17, 2019


Q. The following successive dilutions are applied to a stock solution that is 6.65 M sucrose: Solution A: 57.0 mL of the stock solution is diluted to 105 mL. Solution B: 46.0 mL of solution A is diluted to 350 mL. Solution C: 105 mL of solution B is diluted to 225 mL. What is the concentration of sucrose in solution C?

Solved • Nov 16, 2019


Q. If 122 mL of a 1.0 M glucose solution is diluted to 550.0 mL , what is the molarity of the diluted solution?

Solved • Oct 7, 2017