Gasoline is composed primarily of hydrocarbons, including many with eight carbon atoms, called octanes. One of the cleanest-burning octanes is a compound called 2,3,4-trimethylpentane, which has the structural formula shown in the figure (Figure 1) . The complete combustion of one mole of this compound to CO2(g) and H2O(g) leads to ΔH∘ = -5064.9 kJ/mol.

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By using the information in this problem and data given below, calculate ΔH∘f for 2,3,4-trimethylpentane enter image description here

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Hey there Michelle! Here is the solution to your problem.

Notice that we needed to write a balanced equation for this reaction.

We used ΔH rxn equation, we were given ΔH rxn value, we also had ΔHf of products, we did not have ΔHf O2 simply because it equals to zero, because O2 is in its natural state.

Let us know if you have any questions about this.

enter image description here

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