1. (22 points) Jason and Mia are both running in a race. As they approach the finish line, you being the physicist that you are decide to time how long it takes them to reach the end of the race. When you start your stop watch (you can take this as time t = 0 s) you notice that Mia is an unknown distance d ahead of Jason and both are moving with the same initial velocity v0. You also notice that Jason is accelerating at a constant rate of aJ, while Mia is deaccelerating at a constant rate of -aM. Jason and Mia meet each other for the first time at time t = t1. At this time (t=t1) Jason’s velocity is two times that of Mia’s velocity, meaning vJ(t1) = 2vM(t1).

When the stop watch started at time t= 0s, how far apart, d, were Mia and Jason? Express your answer in terms of know quantities v0, aM, and aJ. Hint: Think about their positions at time t=t1.

Rather than getting the answer, I'd like to know how to get it. It seems like a complicated process and I get lost in the calculations.

  • Seems confusing problem. I may solve it if I'll have time. Nika commented almost 4 years ago