How is this the answer? I thought Wilkinson's catalyst turned all pi bonds into sigma bonds. Thanks!

asked by @jaclynp4 • almost 2 years ago • Organic Chemistry • 5 pts

enter image description here

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Hey, Jaclyn!

That's actually not Wilkinson's catalyst! Remember that Wilkinson's catalyst generally is written as either the name or as RhCl(PPh3)3. That's a nickel boride catalyst, and there are two types. There is P-1, which generally fully reduces pi-bonds; and there's P-2, which only partially reduces alkynes (stops at alkenes). It seems like Dr. Bergdahl only expects you to know about P-2, but ask just in case. P-2 nickel boride catalysts act in much the same way as Lindlar's catalyst, so you'll end up with a cis-alkene. Hope that helps!

answered by @jonathan • almost 2 years ago