why does c6H6 have a higher delta H vap than SiF4 ?

asked by @bethlehemj1 • about 1 year ago • Chemistry • 5 pts
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Hey there! C6H6 is benzene, its a ring structure with alternating double and single bonds.

What makes something have a higher delta H vap? It has to be more stable, and therefore it would take more energy to break the bonds.

Because benzene is a ring with alternating single and double bonds, it can have resonance structures, where the electrons can move around (you can change the locations of the double bonds). This gives benzene a higher enthalpy of vaporization. In addition, this is not something you need to know now, but benzene in an aromatic compound and they are very stable.

Hope this helps!

answered by @dashab2 • about 1 year ago