Calculate how many grams of O2(g) can be produced from heating 82.1 grams of KClO3(s).

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First, you just have to write out the balanced equation: 2KClO3 --> 2KCl + 3O2

Then you convert grams of KClO3 to moles: 82.1 g KClO3 x (1 mol KClO3/122.5495 g) = 0.6699 mol KClO3

Then use the molar ratios to convert to moles of O2: 0.6699 mol KClO3 x (3 mol O2/2 mol KClO3) = 1.005 mol O2

Then convert back to grams using the molar mass: 1.005 mol O2 x (32 g/1 mol O2) = 32.16 g O2 (your answer).

answered by @katieo20 • about 1 year ago
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