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6) Why is rate =k[HgCl2] 2[C2O42-] not the rate law for the following mechanism? 2HgCl2 + C2O42- →2Cl- + 2CO2 + Hg2Cl2 (overall reaction) HgCl2 + C2O42-⇌HgCl2C2O42- (Fast) HgCl2C2O42- + C2O42- →Hg + 2C2O4Cl2- (Slow) Hg + HgCl2 →Hg2Cl2 (Fast) 2C2O4Cl2- →C2O42- + 2Cl- + 2CO2 (Fast) A) The rate law is not based on the slow step of the proposed mechanism. B) The exponents of HgCl2 and C2O42- are not equal. C) The first step is not the slow step. D) The rate law does not agree with the overall reaction. E) The steps do not add to the overall reaction.