Calculate the net energy change in kilojoules per mole that takes place on formation of MgF2(s) from the elements: Mg(s)+F2(g)⟶MgF2(s) The following information is needed: Heat of sublimation for M

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g(s)= 147.7 kJ/mol Eea for F(g)= −328 kJ/mol Bond dissociation energy for F2(g)= 158 kJ/mol Ei1 for Mg(g)= 737.7 kJ/mol Electrostatic interactions in MgF2(s)= −2957 kJ/mol Ei2 for Mg(g)= 1450.7 kJ/mol

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Hey there! Here is the equation we will be using since we want net energy change:

Net energy = ΔH sublimation + 2(E electron affinity of F) + bond dissociation of F2 + E 1st ionization of Mg + E 2nd ionization of Mg + E of electrostatic interactions of MgF2

When you plug in all the given values, you should get an answer of -1118.9 kJ

Note that we multiplied the Energy of electron affinity of F by 2 because we have 2 moles of F in the reaction, but the value given is only for 1 mole.

Hope this helps!

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