Calculate the energies of the n=1,n=2, and n=3 levels for an electron in a box with a length of 310 pm .

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An electron confined to a one-dimensional box has energy levels given by the equation En=n2h2/8mL2 where n is a quantum number with possible values of 1,2,3,…;m is the mass of the particle; and L is the length of the box.

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Hi John!

Ok so here it's pretty simple, we are just calculating the energies of electrons for different levels (ns) and we already have an equation for that!

En = (n^2 x h^2)/(8 x m x L^2)

Here we are just plugging in 1, 2 or 3 for n.

h is plank's constant and it equals to 6.626 x10^-34 (kg x m^2)/s

m is mass of the electron in kg, which is 9.109x 10^-31 kg

L is length in meters, so here you would convert 310 pm to m. Remember 1pm = 10^-12 m

Good luck with studying!

answered by @dashab2 • about 1 year ago