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Suppose 600.g of phosphorus reacts with 1300.g of sulfur in a synthesis reaction. How many grams of tetraphosphorus decasulfide can be produced, assuming an 80.0% yield for the reaction.

  • balance equation, do we have to use P4 instead of P and S8 instead of S? when do we have to use those ones? what are the difference between those? In Kyung commented almost 2 years ago
  • Hey there! It is assumed in the problem that P and S are used to produce P4S10 since it didn’t specify what form of phosphorus or sulfur to be used. You can actually use P4 and S8 too (the natural elemental form of phosphorus and sulfur). You will use the same method for the calculation but you will be using a different balanced equation (4 P4 + 5 S8 → 4 P4S10). You will also use the molar mass of P4 and S10. I hope this helps! Anne commented almost 2 years ago