Ionic charge

asked by @claritas1 • 12 months ago • Chemistry • 5 pts

What is the ionic charge for group 4A?

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2 answers

Hey there! Group 4A elements don't really exist as ions, therefore will not have an ionic charge, they will however have an oxidation number, which will vary according to what other elements those are bonded with.

answered by @dashab2 • 12 months ago

C and Si have -4 or +4 depending on the compound. If you have CO2, then two O bring -4 charge and C brings +4 charge.

Also Sb and Pb have +2/+4 charges. For example, PbO have +2 charge on Pb and -2 on O. On the other hand, PbO2 have +4 charge on Pb and -4 on two O atoms (-2 each).

answered by @shungoo1 • 11 months ago