A sliver ring contains 1.1 *10^22 silver atoms. How many moles of silver are in the ring.

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I plugged this in the calculator 1.110^22 / 6.022 *10^23 and I got 1.8266 10^44 what I'm I doing wrong because my friend said the answer is 1.8266 10^-2. I even plugged it with parantheses (1.110^22) / (6.022*10623) and got 0.018266. I'm I doing something wrong or is it my calculator?

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Hey there! I tried doing the calculation on my calculator and got 0.0184432 using the numbers you gave me: (1.110 x 10^22)/(6.022 x 10^23). When you used parenthesis, you did get the same answer that your friend got. Notice that she used scientific notation to express her answer, but hers and yours are the same. Make sure to always use parentheses! Hope this helps :)

answered by @sabrina • over 1 year ago