Could I have help with this problem? The mass of a helium atom is 4.0026 amu, and its average velocity at 25 ∘C is 1.36×103m/s. What is the uncertainty in meters in the position of a helium atom if

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the uncertainty in its velocity is 5 % ?

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Hey there! Here is the solution.

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Notice here we need to convert the mass into kg. Also, knowing that the uncertainty in velocity is 5%, that means the delta v we use in the equation will be +/- 5%. To find the uncertainty in velocity you first multiply the average velocity by 0.05, this gives us 68. So you have to calculate delta x twice, one by adding 68 to the velocity, second by subtracting 68 from the velocity. We are going to have a range for uncertainty in position, between 1.1115x10^-11 and 1.2285x10^-11. Hope this makes sense, let us know if you have any more questions about this.

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  • I tried this answer and it says "Your answer either contains an incorrect numerical multiplier or is missing one." Makenzie commented over 1 year ago
  • Hey, so if they are asking for one sig fig you would then put in for your answer just 1.x10^-11 m. Let us know if that doesn't work either, we'll try to figure this out. Dasha commented over 1 year ago