given (z= cx^2 /y^3) where c is constant, if y decreases by a factor of 3 by what factor (increase) does x need to change such that z increases by a factor of 88.2?

asked by @ashleyc3 • over 1 year ago • Physics • 5 pts

I got the wrong answer of 7.82 so i clearly don't know how the right answer is 1.81 help!

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1 answer

By decreasing y by 3 you INCREASE z by 27 z=cx^2/(y/3)^3=cx^2/(y^3/27)=27cx^2/y^3 Therefore to get the desired ratio between new and old z of 88.2 the x^2 needs to increase by a factor of 88.2/27 which equals 3.266. Taking the square root of this number since we want the value of x gives us 1.81. Let me know if that makes sense.

answered by @juanv2 • over 1 year ago