LDA produces a kinetic product, however, as in the case of OH-, EtO-, H-, etc., is the thermodynamic product produced even if the hydrogen that these bases abstract are not the most acidic?

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Hi there! I won't really relate the production of the kinetic vs thermodynamic product in the acidity of the reagents since all of those nucleophile you mentioned are basic. Big difference of the two reaction is that kinetic pdt occurs when we use bulky base for an E2-Hoffman reaction. On the other hand, thermodynamic pdt can be obtained whenver we have small basic nucleophile like -OH, -NH2, alkynides, hydrides etc. So what really matters is the SIZE of these nucleophiles

You can watch Johnny's video about these here: https://www.clutchprep.com/organic-chemistry/zaitsev-s-rule/?c_id=7718

answered by @reyn • over 1 year ago