the question is for the fallowing picture. chapter 9

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the question is for the fallowing picture so how do we know what is the major product . I know we get two enantiomers but whats the major and whats not. thanks in advance : a problem from class

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Hey there! Thanks for the question :)

In these problems the major/minor product has to do with knowing if this will be a Markovnikov vs Anti-Markovnikov additon. In Johnny's videos on Hydroboration Oxidation that you can find here: we go over how this is an Anti-Markovnikov additon. That is all this question is asking! Therefore we would simply get an OH added to the least substituted side of our alkene. It is also a syn addition which means the H that we add would add on the same side of our OH group.

I hope this makes sense! If you want to review the mechanism just check out the link provided above!

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Thank you :)

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