Asking again

I asked for help on this question a few days ago. My question was answered but incorrectly. Could someone help? The question is:

Concentration conversions challenge - Consider the following two solutions of aqueous sulfuric acid:

If Solution A has a density of 1.769 g/mL and a mole fraction of H2SO4 of 0.500, its weight % H2SO4 is_________________ and its molarity is ____________________________ .

(answer options for weight percent: 23.7%, 75.3%, 96%, or 84.5%) (answer options for molarity: .928 M, 15.2 M, 2.49 M, 55.5 M)

If Solution B has a density of 1.122 g/mL and is 4.50 molal H2SO4, then its mole fraction of H2SO4 is______________ and its molarity is_____________ .

(answer options for mole fraction: 0.0264, 0.218, 0.0750, 0.913) (answer options for molarity: 3.52M, 2.03M, 0.125M, 18.9M )


Acetone has a heat of vaporization of 32.0 kJ/mol. At 18.5ºC, the vapor pressure of acetone is 166 torr. What is the normal boiling point of acetone? 61ºC 57ºC 42ºC 50ºC 100ºC