2 chem questions

A certain gas, if assumed to behave ideally, exhibits a pressure of 4.92 atm. What would be a reasonable estimate for the pressure of this same gas if it were treated as a real (non-ideal) gas? 4.99 atm 9.06 atm 4.85 atm 1.01 atm

Two glass bulbs, both at 25ÂșC, are connected by a closed value. One bulb has a volume of 1.25 L and contains 375 torr of He. The second bulb has a volume of 2.00 L and contains 598 torr of Kr. When the valve is opened, what pressure will be measured for the combined volume? 1.76 atm 1.28 atm 0.879 atm 0.417 atm 0.674 atm