Draw the complete mechanism to explain the formation of two alkene products shown below.

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enter image description here

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Hey Evan! There are few fundamental mistakes in this question like:

  1. Curved were drawn incorrectly.
  2. Carbocation shifts were not drawn to show stable carbocation intermediates.
  3. Incorrect nucleophile (Br-) was selected to grab the proton.

I've attached the mechanism below for this reaction. But, I would highly recommend you to review the following videos. That will be greatly helpful to review. If you find any question regarding these videos or explanation, feel free to ask in the comment section under the videos.

Hope this helped!

Link 1 [Introduction to mechanism]: https://www.clutchprep.com/organic-chemistry/the-mechanism/?c_id=7674#content-item-1929

Link 2 [Carbocation Stability ]: https://www.clutchprep.com/organic-chemistry/carbocation-intermediate-stability/?c_id=7679 enter image description here

answered by @abdullah • over 1 year ago

Thank you! One question, how did the CH2 get on the CH3? I see the carbocation shift. Is it correct the carbocation was on the ch2, and during the shift the carbocation moves inside the ring and the ch2 attached to the ch3?

answered by @evanz3 • over 1 year ago