B)Starting with Acetylene synthesize Trans-1,2-dicyclohexylethene? I think i did part A correctly please check, but i am having trouble with part B.

asked by @sarahe43 • over 1 year ago • Organic Chemistry • 5 pts

Ienter image description here

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Hey Sarah! There are two products possible for A. The product you drew for A is unlikely to obtain because you ignored the carbocation shift. Hydroxyl group should be attached to the tertiary carbon in one product and to 4th carbon (counting from right to left) in the second product. Triple bonds will remain unchanged.

For B, all double and triple bonds will be oxidised and you may have more than one products. I recommend to try once again and let us know if you find any ambiguity. I'll be more than happy to help you.

answered by @abdullah • over 1 year ago

I meant the following compounds Sarah! I hope this cleared things up now. enter image description here

answered by @abdullah • over 1 year ago