Give the Reagents and Show the Mechanism? I think I figured out the reagents but im not sure how to show the mechanism?

asked by @sarahe43 • over 1 year ago • Organic Chemistry • 5 pts

enter image description here

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Hey Sarah! I've provided the mechanism for one product. Mechanism for the other product is exactly same and I will recommend to try by your own. I hope this helped. Let us know if you have any other question.

The reagent is aqueous sulfuric acid with mercuric sulphate (HgSO4) enter image description here

answered by @abdullah • over 1 year ago


Thats the mechanism I got lol, im actually looking for help on the one cause thats the same mechanism I got. it just wouldnt let me upload the second image.

answered by @sarahe43 • over 1 year ago