Im not sure how to find all of the forces exerted on this object with just the variables given.

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1) An 80- kg object is pushed by a force F at an angle θ =23 degrees and travels with a constant velocity of 0.5m/s along the horizontal plane. a) Draw a diagram showing all the forces exerted on this object from all sources. b)What is the friction force?

I know that your mg= (80)(9.8)= 784. and that your Normal force is mg+Fy since it is being pushed down and at an angle. But how to you find Fy and Fx if F isn't even given.

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Can you post a picture of the problem exactly as it's written? The easiest way to solve this problem is if you know the coefficient of friction, which I don't see given in the problem. Also, what axis is the angle made to? Is it above the x-axis? Below the x-axis? If you post the picture, I'll be able to figure out the problem.

answered by @doug • almost 2 years ago