Can somebody check this and let me know if I made any mistakes?

asked by @dylanm23 • 6 months ago • Organic Chemistry • 5 pts

enter image description here

  • Sorry, I can't seem to upload the picture so that it displays vertically. Dylan commented 6 months ago
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Your answers seems correct. here is the official answer.enter image description here

answered by @nikaa18 • 6 months ago

Yes I did see the official answer, it's just difficult for me to translate my answers to the official ones with cis/trans chair conformations. Thank you for checking for me.

answered by @dylanm23 • 6 months ago

all of these problems have already been solved by clutch tutor. I will provide the links below.

P.S If your book is registered at clutch. You should be able to see BOOK SOLUTIONS SECTION!. Hope it helps.

answered by @nikaa18 • 6 months ago
  • For some reasons those links do not work. Just go to BOOK SOLUTIONS SECTION, CHAPTER 4 and you will see those problems solved. Nika commented 6 months ago