Why is cyclohexanone somewhat water soluble?

asked by @tianat8 • 6 months ago • Organic Chemistry • 5 pts
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Hi there! Even though cyclohexanone can't do hbondings, it has a carbonyl group (C=O) which is capable of doing dipole-dipole interactions with water. The carbonyl group can also be an H-acceptor to water making a temporary IMFA.

answered by @reynr2 • 6 months ago

Hello! Cyclohexanones are described as ketones which denotes the presence of carbonyl group (C=O) that can form hydrogen bonds with the water molecules. However, these compounds are only slightly soluble in water due to the greater number of carbons in the cyclic compound, which slightly hinders the hydrogen bonding interactions.

answered by @arabellah1 • 4 months ago