How do you find the charges in the periodic table?

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Hey there! You can divide the elements into groups which you can see at the top of the topmost elements. H to Fr are considered as Group IA metals which has a charge of +1 (H can also have -1 charge). Next to it is Be to Ra which is the Group IIA metals having +2 charges. The d block (yellow block) are transition metals which have unique properties that allows them to have multiple charges except Zn+, Ag+ and Cd2+ which are the only transition metal that has type of charge. Next will be B to Nh (Group IIIA) having +3 charge. Rest of this trend is explained by Jules here:

You can also use this periodic table since the charges present in the element is also indicated in the top right part of it. enter image description here

answered by @reynr2 • 6 months ago