You drive in a straight line at 22.0 m/s for 10.0 miles, then at 28.0 m/s for another 10.0 miles. Is your average speed 25.0 m/s , more than 25.0 m/s , less than 25.0 m/s ?

asked by @rayleenb1 • 6 months ago • Physics • 5 pts

Verify your answer to part A by calculating the average speed.

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To find average speed we need to find how much time this trip took since

Average Speed=Δx/Δt

22 m/s=.014 miles/s so the first 10 miles of the trip took 714.3 s. In the second leg we have .016 miles/s so this took 625 s.

Total trip was 20 miles which is 32187 m so

Average Speed=32187/714.3+625=24.03 m/s which is less than 25 m/s

answered by @juanv2 • 6 months ago