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On a spacecraft, two engines are turned on for 750 s at a moment when the velocity of the craft has x and y components of v0x = 4280 m/s and v0y = 5495 m/s. While the engines are firing, the craft undergoes a displacement that has components of x = 4.60 106 m and y = 6.12 106 m. Find the x and y components of the craft's acceleration.

So I got the right answers, but I am not sure how to do it.

Wouldn't taking the X & Y displacement and putting that over time give you the new velocity --> and we know change in velocity over time is acceleration. However, I did this and had to multiply THAT answer by 2 to get the right answer? Please explain!

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Can someone answer this question? Geez

answered by @jeremyb10 • 7 months ago

Thats right. After finding the velocity did you subtract the initial velocity to find the change in velocity or did you assume the spacecraft started from rest?

answered by @juanv2 • 6 months ago