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Create the Lewis structure of CF4. NOTE: do only the step asked for in each part and then click Check-don't work ahead to solve the final structure. Step 1. Count valence electrons in the molecule or ion. Do this by adding the periodic group numbers for each atom in the structure and adjusting for charge. Enter and check. Step 2. Connect each pair of bonded atoms with a single bond by dragging bonds onto the molecule. Each bond decreases the number of available electrons by 2. Check. Step 3. Drag lone pairs of electrons to each terminal atom until each has an octet of electrons, or until all electrons are used. Check. Step 4. Place remaining electrons on the central atom. If the structure is already correct, or no electrons remain, press Check. Step 5. Examine the structure. If it is correct, press Check. If the central atom has fewer than eight valence electrons, introduce multiple bonds. (In this activity assume that only C, N, O, P, and S typically participate in multiple bonds.) Change a single bond to a multiple bond by deleting one or more lone pairs on a terminal atom and dragging a multiple bond between that atom and central atom.