I have a question on a homework question sodium and chlorine react to form sodium chloride. What is the theoretical yield of sodium chloride for the reaction of 55.0g Na with 67.2g Cl2?

Equation: 2Na(s)+Cl(g)-->2NaCl(s) I did the equations on my own: (55.0g Na x (1 mol Na) x (2NaCl mol) x (58.44g NaCl))/ (22.99Na x 2 mol Na x 2NaCl mol) and got the answer 69.9g NaCl. (67.2g Cl2 x (1 mol Cl2) x (2NaCl mol) x (58.44g NaCl))/ (70.9 Cl2 x 1mol Cl2 x 2NaCl mol) and got the answer 55.4g NaCl. The limiting reactant I thought would be 55.4g NaCl (which I thought meant it would equal the theoretical yield because it is the maximum of product that can be used). When I checked the back of the book it stated the answer was 111g NaCl....I am overly confused by how they got this and I do not know what I did wrong.