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As a chemist for an agricultural products company, you have just developed a new herbicide, "Herbigon," that you think has the potential to kill weeds effectively. A sparingly soluble salt, Herbigon is dissolved in 1 M acetic acid for technical reasons having to do with its production. You have determined that the solubility product Ksp of Herbigon is 8.80x10^-6. Although the formula of this new chemical is a trade secret, it can be revealed that the formula for Herbigon is X-acetate (XCH3COO, where "X" represents the top-secret cation of the salt). It is this cation that kills weeds. Since it is critical to have Herbigon dissolved (it won't kill weeds as a suspension), you are working on adjusting the pH so Herbigon will be soluble at the concentration needed to kill weeds. What pH must the solution have to yield a solution in which the concentration of X^+ is 2.00x10^-3 M? The pKa of acetic acid is 4.76. Express your answer numerically.