my professor gave me solution made from dissolving 35.4g of sodium sulfate in 328mL of water, Density of h20 is 1.00g/ml. VOl of the solution doesn't change upon the addition of sodium perchlorate.

asked by @marandag2 • almost 2 years ago • Chemistry • 5 pts

Can I assume that the ml of solution doesn't change when adding the sodium sulfate as well to find Molarity. Can I also assume that the mass= density(1.00) x volume (.328 kg) to solve for the kg of solvent to solve for Molality?

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Hey Maranda! You are correct. Since the grams of solute are much smaller, adding them will have little effect on the overall volume of the solution. And yes, you will use the density to solve for the grams of water, to then convert to kg of solvent. Then, use the grams of sodium sulfate and convert them to moles to use as your numerator. That way, you'll have m=moles solute/ kg solvent and you can solve for molality. Hope this helped!

answered by @sabrina • almost 2 years ago

so is sodium perchlorate just thrown in to confuse me

answered by @marandag2 • almost 2 years ago