Fluorescence is a process where a molecule absorbs a photon and then emits a photon of lower energy. Napthalene absorbs photons with a wavelength of 270 nm and emits a photon with a wavelength of 349 nm. If 6.55 mL of a 0.215 napthalene solution is irradiated with 270 nm light and 8.87e-21 J of energy are emitted, what percentage of the napthalene molecules emitted a photon?

The answer is 11.1 but I don't know how to get that

  • Hey there! Can you follow up with the unit of concentration of the napthalene solution? Leo commented about 3 years ago
  • I believe it is 0.215 M although it doesn't say M in the question. Also, it should say 5340 J instead of 8.87E-21 J Angelle commented about 3 years ago