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Atmospheric concentrations of methane and ozone can vary depending on the location and altitude. Calculate the rate of the reaction at 273 K for a methane concentration of 1.8 ppm (by volume) and an ozone concentration of 5.0 ppm (by volume). Note that 1 ppm of CH4 by volume means 1 L CH4/106 L air. Assume STP (standard temperature and pressure) so that 1 mol gas occupies 22.4 L.

  • Methane (CH4) is a greenhouse gas emitted by industry, agriculture, and waste systems. It is the second most prevalent greenhouse gas (after carbon dioxide). Methane plays an important role in climate change because it absorbs infrared radiation more efficiently than carbon dioxide. Methane is broken down in the atmosphere by ozone (O3), making its atmospheric lifetime shorter than that of carbon dioxide. CH4(g) + O3(g) → products A research group studied the rate of the reaction by which methane reacts with ozone and gets the data shown in the tables shown here. Study the data and answer the questions that follow. Paola commented 7 months ago