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Monel metal is a corrosion-resistant copper-nickel alloy used in the electronics industry. A particular alloy with a density of 8.80 g/cm^3 and containing 0.059 % Si by mass is used to make a rectangular plate that is 15.0 cm long, 12.5 cm wide, and 2.50 mm thick and has a 2.50-cm-diameter hole drilled through its center such that the height of the hole is 2.50 mm . The silicon in the plate is a mixture of naturally occurring isotopes. One of those isotopes is silicon-30, which has an atomic mass of 29.97376 amu. The percent natural abundance, which refers to the atoms of a specific isotope, of silicon-30 is 3.10%. How many silicon-30 atoms are found in this plate? Express your answer numerically using two significant figures.