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A man pulls a box with a force of 70N along the positive y-axis,while a boy pulls it with a force of 50N,making an angle of 80 degrees counter clock-wise with the positive y-axis. (i)In what direction should a second boy apply a force of 60N so that the box move along the positive y-axis?Hint;Two values are Posible. (ii). Find the magnitude and direction of the force that a second man should apply to that the box does not move at all? PLS HELP ME

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The question is missing something that is needed for me to solve it. Can you post a picture of the exact question?

answered by @doug • almost 2 years ago

nothing is missing thats how the question is asked

answered by @killianl1 • almost 2 years ago

You can find the solution to this problem at the following link:

Solution to problem

The difficulty with this problem, and what had initially confused me, is that it's very poorly written. I've never come across a problem that was asked in this way. Part (i) of the problem is asking for the direction of the force of the second boy so that box moves ONLY in the y direction. But the problem is absolutely not explicit about this at all. The problem just says "so that the box moves along the positive y-axis". However, nothing about that says it needs to move ONLY in that direction. That's what's so confusing about this problem, and I hope the solution helps you understand the problem better :) Good luck with all your studies!

answered by @doug • almost 2 years ago