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looking for a tutor to help answer the delta g questions in the image attached below (last 3 dashes). 4. Calculate ΔG at 25°C based on ΔH and ΔS 5. does the solute dissolve spontaneously at this temp? 6. Can you predict spontaneity of this reaction by knwing only ΔH, ΔS, and ΔG? I have labeled the questions that need to be answered as "questions" and the information below the section labeled "questions" is information that can be useful in helping to answer the 3 questions i indicated. for the calculation of delta g, delta s is 133.3j/molk and delta h is 42857j/mol.

  • may you also check to see that the table at the top of the page is correct. the information need for the table above is at the bottle of the page Janelle commented 10 months ago