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A chemical engineer is studying the two reactions shown in the table below. In each case, she fills a reaction vessel with some mixture of the reactants and products at a constant temperature of 53.0 °C and constant total pressure. Then, she measures the reaction enthalpy ΔH and reaction entropy ΔS of the first reaction, and the reaction enthalpy ΔH and reaction fee energy ΔG of the second reaction. The results of his measurements are shown in the table. Complete the table. That is, calculate ΔG for the first reaction and ΔS for the second. (Round your answer to zero decimal places.) Then, decide whether, under the conditions the engineer has set up, the reaction is spontaneous, the reverse reaction is spontaneous, or neither forward nor reverse reaction is spontaneous beacuse the system is at equilibrium. 4FeCl3(s) + 3O2(g) → 6Cl2(g) + 2Fe2O3(s)