Hey, I have a question, so on Ch 4, in Projectile Motion section- Video 1-

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In this video on the last question it's saying the object launched from the ground with 50 m/s at +37 degrees, but you just drew a straight line. Doesn't it has to be a little bit slanted from x-axis since its saying 37 degrees? Or it doesn't matter how u draw it?

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In projectile motion, both axes are treated separately. What happens in the y-direction doesn't affect what happens in the x-direction. The first 3 questions all deal with the y-direction, so Marcio dealt with the y-direction on its own. The last question dealt with the x-direction, so Marcio dealt with that direction on its own.

Hope this clears this up for you. Let us know if you have any more questions.

answered by @doug • over 1 year ago

Ya Thank You

answered by @fathimar2 • over 1 year ago