hybridization and geometry with resonance

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I'm having problem with a question. It's about hybridiztion and geometry. The question has to do with resonance. It's a carbon chain with 2 ethers and a double bon one carbon away from one ether. The book says the O closest to the double bond is sp2 and is trigonal planar and the other O is sp3 bent. I dont see how the 1st one is trigonal planar. I get through the resonance structure how it would be sp2 but i'm not getting the trigonal planar!

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Hey Emily! Would you mind submitting a picture of the exact structure so that we could help you out more specifically! However in the meantime you can always check out our videos dealing with hybridization here.

Usually sp2 atoms can be either bent or trigonal planar. If it has 0 lone pairs it will be trigonal planar such as the carbon on a Ketone group or if it has 1 lone pair then it will be bent which sounds like what's going on in your structure. Usually if it's sp2 and has a lone pair it will be classified as "bent", although at times you may see bent ignored. If you have any other questions let us know!

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enter image description here

number 4.19

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