How would you find the current given inductance, resistance, max emf, and frequency? Not sure how to start this problem. At first, I thought I could use ohm's law to find current, but it was wrong.

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enter image description here

enter image description here

  • I also need help finding the phase angle and power loss. Thanks in advance. Cristobal commented about 1 year ago
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You use Ohm's Law, however this is an AC circuit so it looks like

Vmax=ImaxZ, where Z is the impedance of the circuit

Z=sqrt(R^2+(XL-XC)^2), we dont have a capacitor so XC=0


Z=sqrt(53^2+52.92^2)=75 Ω

Imax=Vmax/Z=139/75=1.85 A

answered by @juanv2 • about 1 year ago