. Rank the following in order of increasing mass: 1.0 mole of methane (CH4), 0.50 mole of water (H2O), 0.20 mole of Fe, and 0.010 mole of U. I know the answer is U<H2O<Fe<CH4 but why cant the answe

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r be U<Fe<H20<CH4 isn't 0.50 bigger than 0.20

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Hey there! We have to convert each value of moles to mass using their molar masses:

Methane is CH4 with 16.04 g/mol

(1 mol) (16.04g/mol)= 16.04 g CH4

Water is 18.02

(0.5 mole)(18g/mol)= 9 g H2O

Fe is 56 g/mol

(0.20 mole)(55.80 g/mol)=11. g Fe

U is 238 g/mol

(0.010 mol)(238 g/mol)=2.38 g U

Correct answer is:

U<H2O<Fe< CH4

Remember that moles is not directly related to mass, you have to convert them using the molar mass to find the relationship of each molecule.

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