Sorry for all the questions! My teacher doesn't give the answer key and didn't answer them all at office hours!

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Would this be the product?enter image description here

how do you determine major and minor??

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Hey Stacey!

For the first one you did it quite right, It's E2 Zaitsev so the major product would be the more substituted double bond which is the structure on the left. One minor comment, try to draw the double bond as planar as much as possible(you retained the positions of the previous tetrahedral geometry), you may lose points if you professor is too particular about the geometry.

The second one is almost there, "I" would be a better leaving group in a protic solvent, so that part is correct. Just draw the F in the products and you're good. There will be no major product here.

The third one is good, SN2 reaction. You didn't forget inversion which is cool.

I hope this helps!

answered by @leot1 • about 1 year ago