A solution is 0.0460 m NaBr. What is the molarity of the solution if the density is 1.10 g/mL?

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  • I solved it and got 0.0504 morality but apparently is wrong. Alexis commented about 1 year ago
  • molarity* Alexis commented about 1 year ago
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Hi there! 0.0460 m appears to be in molality which is

m=(moles of solute)/(kg of solvent)

What's missing here is the volume of the solution

Now we will use the molar mass of NaBr and its density to find V

((0.460 moles of NaBr)(102.g/mol))=46.92 g NaBr

Using this mass, we can find the volume using the density

((46.92 g)((1mL)/(1.1g))=42.655 mL or 0.0427 L

Now lets divide it using the # of moles

(0.0460 moles)/(0.0427 L)= 1.077 M

Hope that helps!

answered by @reyn • about 1 year ago

You did not calculate this correctly. Instead of doing (0.0460 moles of NaBr)(102.g/mol), you did (0.460 moles)(102g/mol)

answered by @dalyap1 • 10 months ago