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What is the maximum mass, in grams, of magnesium sulphate, MgSO4, that could be produced using 1.00 x10^23 molecules of oxygen?

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First, we have to convert the number of molecules in to moles and then use the ratio of MgSO4 with O

We will use the Avogadro's number to find the moles

(1x10^23)((1mol)/(6.02x10^23)=0.166 moles of O

Now the ratio of O to MgSO4 is 4:1

(0.166 moles O)((1 mole MgSO4)/(4 moles O)= 0.0415 moles MgSO4

Now we need to use the molar mass of MgSO4 which is 120.366

(0.0415 moles)(120.366 g /1mol)=4.998 grams MgSO4

answered by @reyn • about 1 year ago