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Determine each of the following: a. The number of moles of C atoms in 3.20 moles of C2H6O. b. The number of molecules in 3.20 moles of C2H6O. c. The number of C atoms and the total number of atoms in 3.20 moles of C2H6O. d. The number of molecules required to have 135 atoms in total.

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For a, since there are 2 atoms of C in C2H6O, we just have to multiply 2 by 3.20

(2 moles of C) 3.20= 6.4 moles of C

For b, you'll use the Avogadro's number and multiply it by 3.2

(3.20 moles)((6.026x10^23 atoms)/(1mol)=1.928x10^24 atoms of C2H6O

For c, just multiply the answer for b in 2

(1.928x10^24)(2)= 3.856x10^24 C atoms

For d, just divide the number of atoms in each molecule which is 2. So that will be

135/2=67.5 or 68 molecules of C2H6O

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