Wheel A has radius = 7.27 cm, wheel C of radius rC = 21.6 cm. The angular speed of wheel a increases at 2.82 rad/s2. Find the time needed for wheel C to reach 115 rev/min. can someone go in detail pls

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I want to know why we didnt use kinematics for this problem. how do we derive the acceleration formulas for c and t?

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Assuming the wheels are coupled, aA=aC=a

wA=2.82=a/r --> a=.205 m/s^2

wC=a/r=.205/.216 --> wC=.95 rad/s^2

1 rev=2pi rads, and there are 3600 secs^2/1 min^2 so wC=544.31 rev/min^2

(115 rev/min)/(544.31 rev/min^2)=.211 minutes or 12.68 seconds.

answered by @juanv2 • 11 months ago