which of the following will have the greatest standard molar entropy. write a brief justification for your answer based of the factors that affect entropy. a) CaCO3 (s), b) He(g), c) C(s, graphite),

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d) H2O(l), e) NH3 (g)

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Hi there! Basically, entropy is a measure of disorderliness. So the more scattered the system is, the more entropy we have. For these choices, we can say that gases like He, and NH3 will have the highest entropy. Since He is way lighter than NH3, NH3 will be present as more scattered.

This followed by water as liquid. H2O>He>NH3

For solids, 3rd law of thermodynamics suggests that a perfect crystal will have 0 entropy. In the choices, grpahite is the nearest thing we have to a crystal. Recall that diamond appears as a crystal. So that would be graphite> CaCO3

So the final answer is:

graphite> CaCO3> H2O > He > NH3

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