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how am I suppose to go about with coefficients/powers multiplying and dividing. I am not understanding in videos and he just writes them. doesnt seem like being added or subtracted I dont know what is happening to them. For example on a problem, he wrote, 6.626x10^-34J.S (3.00x10^8m/s/3.25x10^-2m= 6.12x10^-24 J/1 Photon. And I have no idea whats happening with the coefficients he doesnt mention what is ocurring with them ever.

  • a texas instrument ti-30Xa science calc. I know putting the number then the y^x button does the coeffiecient. But what if the coefficient is a negative? It all disapears after I press negative or gives me a positive number and cant figure out how to put a negative for it and get an answer, Help please I need to know this. Ilene commented about 1 year ago
  • Hi Ilene! For negative exponents, you just have to put minus/negative sign next to the exponent. Reyn commented about 1 year ago