Supply missing Reagent A (Synthesis)

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Supply missing reagent A and product B in the following synthetic scheme. No stereochemistry needed. Product B is propranolol, an antihypertensive agent used in the treatment of high B.P.

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answered by @christopherd31 • about 1 year ago

Seems like the first reaction is a Williamson ether reaction where we will use NaH to deprotonate that -OH group. Then we can now add an alkyl halide that fits the given product. I drew A below.

For B, this is a base-catalyzed epoxide ring opening that favor addition to the LEAST substituted carbon (kinetic control). So the amine gets attached to the least substituted C while -OH will be present at the secondary carbon. I also drew both enantiomers of B. enter image description here

You can also watch the related reactions here:

Williamson Ether Synthesis:

Base-Cat Epoxide opening:

Hope that helps

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