A 2.5 g sample of a solid was completely vaporized in a 505 mL closed container at 428 K. If the measured pressure inside the container was 755 torr, what is the molecular weight of the solid?

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  • Hint: Determine moles first
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We will use the gas equation to solve this problem:



We have to convert 755 torr to atm and 505 mL to L

(755 torr)(1atm/760torr)=0.99 atm

(505 mL)(1L/1000mL)=0.505 mL



n=0.014277 moles

n is equal to moles which is mass/molar mass


MM= (2.5g/0.01428moles)

MM=175.106 g/mol

answered by @reyn • 12 months ago